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Google Digital Garage Final Exam Answers 2021

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Why Google Digital Garage Exam is important?

A platform which could provide with a great assistance in improving one’s online presence as a digital expert is google digital garage. It is an online platform which provides digital skills training to individuals. This platform  gives these trainings free of cost as it is a nonprofit program introduced by google. This program served the purpose of introducing digital skills, different from the traditional marketing strategies in today’s market. As the world is going online, people prefer learning and working from the ease of their homes with flexible learning schedules and what sounds better than a digital garage instead of having to go to a google garage practically specially during the present time when the world is facing a huge pandemic. With google digital garage individuals can gain access to the finest digital marketing courses and attain essential skills such as use of building the online presence of a brand, handling the content and brand image and reaching larger audiences.
Google Digital Garage Certification
Google Digital Garage Certification
Through google digital garage individual can access courses and certifications in various categories such as digital marketing, career development, data and tech etc. As this platform is very flexible, they have options for filtering the courses you want specifically by course length, ranging from under two hours to twenty plus hours, they also have courses filtered according the level of difficulty, from beginners to advanced. Most of the courses are free of cost but some of the paid courses are also available which can be opted for at a very affordable rate. Simply choosing the specific skills as per your need and demand and learning them at your own pace with flexible hours  through any medium, be it a smartphone or a laptop,one can get certified and attain professional recognition while improving their resumes. People get a chance to learn from the experienced experts and then even test their knowledge by applying it to the quizzes. The process of getting a certification from google garage is very simple. Through google digital garage individuals can choose the topics they want to learn and access the free tutorials from google. Then on the completion they get a certificate from google and IAB Europe.

Google Digital Garage- The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing Certificate

With all these interesting features mentioned above this platform pays close attention to helping the individuals develop and transform their skills. People have used this platform for boosting their digital skills and introducing their own startups. Many people have turned their hobbies to businesses by getting the right guidance through the google digital garage. Out of all the offered courses from the google digital garage, the most intriguing is ‘fundamentals of digital marketing’. This course helps individuals learn the fundamentals of marketing by exploring the 26 modules packed with video tutorials and quizzes which are created by google professionals themselves. After the completion of the modules the individuals take 40 question final exam to get their certification. Many people have used their certifications professionally through their linked in profiles and resumes to boost their careers.