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Google Cloud Platform Business Professional Accreditation Answers 2021

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Google Cloud Platform Certification

The world is changing from a job market focused on college degrees and diplomas to one where actual skills are regarded more than the educational background of a potential employee. For this reason, there’s been a boom in certifications that range from project management to workplace safety and from cloud computing to operating various software solutions. There is certainly no limit to what human can learn or establish in their life and so there is no limit to the available certifications.

Google Cloud Platform Certification
Google Cloud Platform Certification

Google Cloud Platform Certification is one of the modern certifications that can lead you to a good job. If you are looking for a job that can benefit you through your Google Cloud knowledge and expertise, you need to have the Google Cloud Certification for your potential employer to be sure that you can do what you promise.
The Google Cloud Certifications assess the proficiency and ability of a person to use Google Cloud services. The certifications range in complexity from the ones that certify that you are just okay to work with Google Cloud to the ones that can make you a formidable figure in any business’s tech team. There are the following three types of Google Cloud Certification.


1. Associate Certification

This level of certification focuses on the basic skills of commissioning, regulating, and running projects on Google Cloud. This certification can serve as the entry point for people who have the fundamental knowledge of how Google Cloud works. It can lead to more intricate professional certifications.


2. Professional Certification

The professional level certification means that the person is skilled in operating, deploying, managing, and designing Google Cloud projects. The people who generally get this level of certification are the veterans of the industry with extensive experience and command over the working of Google Cloud and the solutions it offers.


3. User Certification

This certification is meant for the people aiming to use Google Cloud as a member of a team or for themselves. People with user certification have detailed knowledge of the basics of Google Cloud.
Benefits of Google Cloud Certifications
The world is swiftly moving towards cloud computing where your computer doesn’t have to pack a lot of muscle and can link to a mainframe via the internet and use their computational power. According to a study conducted by Google, the 87% of the people who have Google Cloud Certification feel more confident about their command over Google Cloud. As a matter of fact, Professional Google Cloud Platform Certification has been named the most highly paying certifications of 2019. People with Google Cloud Certifications are also 30 percent more likely to get a leadership role in their team.

In short, in a job market that is changing from traditional education to skills, and talking into account the potential cloud computing has for the future it is a safe bet to get a Google Cloud. Platform Certification as it will not only make you better at using the service but can also land you at a great job.