Google analytics for beginners

Google Analytics for beginners Answers 2021

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Introduction to the tool of google analytics and its certification

Google Analytics for beginners is an online introductory course for individuals who have never used google analytics before. google analytics for beginners is a course that covers a wide range of topics. To help marketers gain an insight into their performance through the website and advertisements he can decide what new goals should be set up to bridge any gaps or fill any loopholes. To set up a new campaign or adapt new strategies an in-depth analysis of the overall activities is necessary. Through the google analytics tool marketers have an easy to attain a detailed analysis of their business activities/As this course is specifically for beginners it teaches the users to create an account on google analytics, set up data filters, and implement a code to track. The individuals are also taught to read and understand basic reports and set up dashboards along with shortcuts.

Google analytics for beginners
Google analytics for beginners

What is google analytics and how is it important from a beginner’s perspective:

Out of many perks for having to earn a google analytics certification, one Is that individuals get a chance to access to a google analytics demo accountant where the users are exposed to real-life e-commerce data. This kind of experience widens their informative horizons and helps them understand the world of eCommerce and google analytics in a professional world better. Along with access to data the users are given a chance to access exercises to better understand the concepts of google analytics and practice most of the google analytics features to get a better grip. The course content also discusses a major example of the merchandise e-commerce store. The beginner course for google analytics is not only specified to the above-mentioned specs but it also demonstrates the exact way of analyzing a basic audience and the behavior reports. The course also teaches users to understand how a campaign can be tracked and setup and how can the goals be put forward for any sort of campaign for a marketer.

Detailed course content:

Overall, the course is divided into a certain number of units, each covers a bunch of concepts in form of tutorials or lessons. Usually, the first unit is an introduction to google analytics while the second talks about the google analytics interface which is more focused on understanding reports and sharing them while setting up dashboards and shortcuts. Unit 3 is the unit about basic reports and mostly discusses three reports specifically, lesson one is on audience report, lesson two is on acquisition report and lesson three is on behavior reports specifically. The last unit is usually about the basic campaign and conversion tracking. It comprises of 5 lessons in total which are mostly from measuring custom campaigns to google ad campaigns. It also discusses the procedure of tracking campaigns with a URL builder and the usage of goals to measure business objectives. The last unit is wrapped up by highlighting the important takeaways and reviewing the next steps.