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Fiverr Adobe Photoshop Test Answers 2021

Prologue to Adobe Photoshop:

Adobe Photoshop is a software program used to plan and alter a wide range of graphics from a current bit of work. It was made by siblings Thomas and John Knoll in 1988 and authorized to Adobe for dissemination. It has been the go to raster designs editorial manager in the business from that point forward. An Adobe Photoshop expert can allude to any of these positions, as Photoshop is utilized by photographers, graphic designers, wed designers and multimedia artists to edit and upgrade photographs, to make mock designs and to create designs for computer games, film and other media.

Fiverr Adobe Photoshop Test Answers
Fiverr Adobe Photoshop Test Answers

Fiverr Adobe Photoshop Course Description:

In Fiverr Adobe Photoshop course individuals will master all they require to think about beginning with Photoshop. This course is for tenderfoots, with no necessary information on Photoshop, photography, or plan. It begins from the earliest starting point and stirs its way up, bit by bit. Regardless of whether individuals have never opened Photoshop or they might want to audit the essentials, they can take this course to figure out how to make attractive pictures utilizing Photoshop. This course provides the learners with information about how to edit and upgrade photographs and it also allows them to make designs for video games and other media.

Fiverr Adobe Photoshop Test Details:

After getting all the information, learners need to show up for a multiple choice questions based test. This Assessment contains a sum of 40 inquiries and individuals need to respond to all 40 inquiries in as long as 40 minutes. To pass this test, individuals should answer 60%-80% of the inquiries accurately. Their percentile is characterized powerfully, in light of other test takers. The time it takes them to finish the test is followed. There is a one day holding up period between test retakes. Individuals can just step through an examination twice in a quarter of a year. In order to this Fiverr assessment, individuals have to have great measure of information and comprehension about the software. Fiverr shows individuals’ score on the off chance that they breeze through this assessment in an appealing manner. The clients will check individuals’ aptitude in the ability list on their profile which is obvious to public. Aside from expertise check, individuals’ grade likewise shows under Fiverr tests list on their profile which is distinguishable to any individual who visits their profile. Like for instance in the event that they breeze through Fiverr Photoshop test with high score, their score will appear on their profile.\

Following are the questions that are given in Fiverr Photoshop Test in 2020

  1. Which of the following tools help(s) in retouching scars or scratches on an image?
  2. Which of the following keyboard shortcuts is used to go make than one step backward (multiple undo)?
  3. Select the most appropriate definition(s) for the Paint Bucket tool.
  4. Photoshop is a ______ based graphic software?
  5. Which of the following tools will apply a blur effect similar to the one shown in the given image, by a single key selection?
  6. Which of the following is NOT a type of adjustment layer?
  7. In Timeline, what is the difference between Position and Transform?
  8. The layer panel provides which of the following options?
  9. How do you delete a Layer?
  10. Which of the following is the default workspace in Adobe Photoshop?
  11. Name the encircled tool in the given image.
  12. In Photoshop CC 2017, a new feature has been added to recognize human faces: the tool is called Face Tool. Where is it located?
  13. How can you cancel rendering in 3D mode?
  14. Which of the following options does NOT work on a Smart Object?
  15. Which of the following options shows the changes you make on an image in the Liquify
  16. How will you create the given image in Adobe Photoshop?
  17. This new feature in Photoshop CC 2017 replaced the Refine Edge tool. It allows you to work on the background of an image, such as applying blur effect. Which tool are we referring to?
  18. If an image DPI (dots per inch) size is lower than the canvas/document’s DPI size then:
  19. Which of the following options creates a hard shadow for an object?
  20. How can you copy a layer to another document?
  21. What happens when you hold the Alt key and move an object with arrow keys?
  22. Which of the following tools can remove an unwanted section around an image?
  23. After creating a webpage template, which tool should be used to divide into smaller sections?
  24. What is the shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + X used for?
  25. What will happen if you hold down the Alt key and drag an object to another point?
  26. Which of the following can be used to select a color?
  27. Which of the following instances do NOT create a new layer automatically?
  28. How can you sharpen an image without changing the colors?
  29. Which of the following methods create(s) an animated banner in Adobe Photoshop?
  30. Which of the following sets of steps should be followed to copy a layer style to another layer?
  31. Which of the following types of computer graphics use(s) mathematical formulas to draw lines, shapes and create digital images?
  32. Which filter has been used in the given image?
  33. Which of the following sets of steps shows an example of the “SVG OpenType,‘ feature in Photoshop CC 2017?
  1. Which of the following sets of steps create(s) a new Layer?
  2. Which of the following tools can be used to select all similar color pixels?
  3. The circle in the given image is the top layer out of the two shapes. If both shapes are merged, what will happen to the shape effects?
  4. What will happen if you hold the Ctrl key while transforming a text?
  5. Which of the following shortcut keys change the color of a rasterized image to black and white?
  6. Which of the following methods should be used to save an optimized image?
  7. Which tool in the Blending options should be used to add an outline to texts and shapes?
  8. Which of the following is the correct way to apply an overlay color on a rasterized object?
  9. What is PostScript in Adobe Photoshop?
  10. What is the typical size measurement unit in Adobe Photoshop?
  11. Which new font format (Open Type) has been added to Photoshop CC 2017?
  12. By changing the size of an image, which element is resized?
  13. How can you expand a brush point with keyboard?
  14. Which of the following tools is used to adjust the brightness, contrast and tonal range of an image histogram?
  15. Which of the following is the main file format in Adobe Photoshop?
  16. Photoshop has two typing modes: Point type and Paragraph type. Which of the given statements is incorrect?
  17. Which of the following filters creates an effect similar to the one shown in the given image?
  18. Which of the following tools helps in making a section of an image brighter?
  19. How can you keep an image ratio in “free transform”?
  20. How will you select an area with Marquee tool as shown In the given image?
  21. Which of the following methods should be used to fix a blurry image?
  22. What does the warning icon in the color picker palette mean?
  23. How can you create 3D models such as a cube and sphere in 3D workspace?
  24. How does the Magic wand toll recognize the color limit?
  25. How does the Magic Eraser tool work?
  26. What is the Action feature in Adobe Photoshop?
  27. In color swatches, how will you pick a color for background?
  28. In Adobe Photoshop, which of the following options protects layers from losing their quality after resizing or other commands?
  29. How can you change or add an effect in a part/section of an image without affecting the whole main image?
  30. How can you activate the Timeline panel?
  31. What happens when you click a status in the History palette?
  32. Which keyboard shortcut should be used to apply the last used filter on an image?
  33. How do you use Actions in Adobe Photoshop?
  34. What is Adobe Bridge for?
  35. How can you zoom in and out on images?
  36. Which of the following types of color modes is mostly used for printing?



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