Display and Video 360 Certification

Google Display and video 360 certification Answers 2021

Exam Name: Display & Video 360 Certification Exam Exam URL: https://skillshop.exceedlms.com/student/path/8636-display-video-360-certification-exam

Why this Certification is important for you?

Display and video 360 certifications is used as a tool for marketing. It acts as a guide for marketers to make a mark in the segment of advertising and TV. Google display and video 360 certification acts as a common platform that can be used to merge the creative team, data team, and the media team and their tasks. The responsibilities of distinct teams combined can be sorted by the display and video 360.
Display and Video 360 Certification
Display and Video 360 Certification

Things you need to know before taking this exam:

An exam that is required to be given to attain this certification discusses many different aspects of the marketing plans of any company. This exam covers topic such as the setup for a marketing campaign, the inventory for the campaign, the goals which are to be achieved while targeting the right group of audience. The exam consists of 60 questions and a total time of 60 minutes is given to the individuals to complete the exam. Once the exam is passed, the certificate is provided by google when they send an email with an official copy of the certification. Many people use it in their resumes and share it on their linked in profiles to boost up their portfolio. Similar to most of the exams for google certifications this exam also has a great amount of content that needs to be covered but a very resourceful reference for the preparation would be the past papers which contain detailed and authentic answers. Once the certificate is earned after the completion of the exam then the certificate stays valid for a total duration of 2 years. The work responsibilities of a programmatic media manager and agency traders are taught in the course for the display and video 360 certifications.

What makes you different from the market:

Basic aspects that are covered under this topic are five modules in total; campaigns, audiences, creatives, inventory, and insights. These modules open up a lot of different concepts while making the individuals capable of dealing with various things altogether. It lets the individuals combine the efforts of different teams working in a company so the media and data can be aligned, and better ad experiences can be delivered to the customer. It also allows companies to have control over the investments for the purpose of marketing. This also enables the companies to gain transparency and have a specified follow-up on how and where the inventory is being spent and what platforms are running the ads. This not only helps in managing control but also in giving out a faster and smarter marketing campaign which is powered by Google machine learning while guaranteeing capabilities like automated bidding and recommendation for inventory to the companies in order to maintain their reputation in the world of media. the technology of having these built-in services makes sure that the insights are aligned and showed quickly so the loopholes are filled up in a smart and efficient manner.