Courtney Sells Handbags Through Her Online Boutique. Her Online Normal Campaigns Have Produced A Lot Of Clicks But Not As Many Sales As She Expected. How Would Google Shopping Ads Help Make Sure The Clicks The Ads Receive Come From Customers More Interested In Her Products?

(A) By appearing in more page positions than other ads (B) By showing ads more frequently than other campaign types (C) By including a product demonstration that entices consumers (D) By providing product details to attract better qualified leads

Today, customers demand more from store owners with virtual storefronts. They want to know that the products they’re looking for are in-stock before they make a trip to a physical location. How can Google Shopping’s Local Inventory Ads help store owners meet this demand?

(A) Local inventory ads provide customers with alternative products that match the criteria. (B) Local inventory ads lets local shoppers know that the store has the items they’re looking for. (C) Local inventory ads direct shoppers to better prices for the same products in your ads. (D) Local inventory ads direct shoppers to a physical store … Read more

Cheryl owns HomeThings, a shop that sells home goods. You, as her marketing intern, are describing the various Google Ad offerings. What’s an accurate description of Local Catalog ads you could give Cheryl?

(A) They use brand ambassadors to promote less popular products. (B) They’re traditional print-marketing materials delivered by mail. (C) They’re mobile-based ads that showcase multiple products. (D) They automatically adjust pricing based on geographic location.

Google Shopping helps retailers provide customers with seamless experiences meant to encourage action. How can Google Shopping campaigns accomplish this?

(A) They direct customers to find the cheapest price for the product you’re advertising. (B) By providing relevant information, such as store hours, address, and product availability (C) By giving shoppers instant savings on the products they’re actively looking to purchase (D) They inform customers if the manufacturer of a product certifies a retailer’s in-store stock.

For which business are Local Inventory ads ideal?

(A) QuikFixx, a start-up selling downloadable software to remove computer viruses (B) Noah’s Designs, a made-to-order custom furniture shop with an online storefront (C) Flowers by Beth, a floral shop that just opened a brick-and-mortar location (D) TheArtSpace, a gallery that hosts potential customers by appointment