Which statement best describes where Cloud Dataproc falls on the big data processing model and the role it plays?

Cloud Dataproc allows organizations to scale data storage and ensures accessibility without compromising security. Cloud Dataproc allows organizations to easily use MapReduce, Pig, Hive, and Spark to process data before storing it, and it helps organizations interactively analyze data with Spark and Hive. Cloud Dataproc allows organizations to transform and enrich data in stream and batch … Read more

An organization’s analysts use Spark Shell. However, their IT department is concerned about the increase in usage and how to scale their cluster, which is running in Standalone mode. How does Cloud Dataproc help?

Cloud Dataproc consolidates data marts into datasets and provides the ability to simply manage all datasets. Cloud Dataproc supports Spark and can create clusters that scale for speed and mitigate any single point of failure. Cloud Dataproc can act as a landing zone for log data at a low cost. Cloud Dataproc enables you to … Read more