Mr. Hoffman is using Google Slides to introduce a new class project. He wants to embed and link to Docs, Forms and Drawings in order to make his slides more interactive. Use drag and drop to match the Google App with a way that it can be used within slides to encourage student participation.

Google Docs Suggestion notepad Additional reference material Google Forms Gauge understanding Rate the content that is being presented Google Drawings Graphically design ideas Other Google Certified Educator Level 1 Question Answers

Integrating technology in the classroom can benefit a school in many ways, and for various groups of people. Match the benefits of a digital classroom with the pain points they overcome by moving the rows up and down.

Paint points Benefits Prescriptive teaching methods that do not allow for teacher creativity in class instruction or materials Students given access to different types of information from a range of sources for enhanced problem-solving Students limited to school hours when working with other students on collaborative projects The ability to collaborate remotely in real-time with … Read more

Ms. Dent wants to use Google Forms and Google Sheets to collect and tract different aspects of her students’ work. Use drag and drop to show how she could use these Google tools effectively.

Google Application Task Sheets Analyze trends on a record of books read by students Create a gradebook to track student scores Protect collected data from change Forms Check class understating of a topic Collect anonymous feedback Other Google Certified Educator Level 1 Question Answers

You need to speak with local schools to discuss a sports tournament you are hosting at short notice. Your intention is to gain feedback on a planned program of events and share images of available facilities. Match the feature of Google Hangouts with its benefit by moving the rows up and down.

Hangouts Feature Benefit Video Calling Meeting can be extended visually with up to 15 remote participants Chat Participants can communicate by text without disrupting the meeting and their conversations are saved Screenshare Any participant can share their desktop with the group Android and iOS app People can join the meeting even when mobile Calendar integration … Read more

Mr Blakeney’s students are starting to think about their future careers and which digital classroom skills they need to develop. Use drag and drop to separate digital classroom skills from traditional ones.

Classroom Types Skill Traditional classroom skill Looking up an answer in a textbook Pinning printed projects in wall displays around the school Working in groups in-person during set hours to collaborate on a joint project Filing paper-based documents in a physical storage area for safe-keeping Digital classroom skill Remote collaboration and teamwork with multiple people … Read more

Ms. Garcia has divided her class into groups to work on different geography projects. Each group will present their project to the class using Google Slides. What are some benefits of using Slides in group projects?

Students can browse and copy slides created by any student at any other school Students can edit speaker notes to help improve each other’s presentation delivery Students can comment on slides to provide feedback for their group members Students can collaborate on the slide desk at the same time Students can import videos from YouTube … Read more

Mr. Swanson’s politics students had to create a blog about their policies if they were elected to be on the school’s student council. One student received a nasty response from an online user she doesn’t know. What advice should Mr. Swanson give her to overcome this type of response?

Check and change privacy settings on her blog to see if she had shared it with just members of her school or with the public Document the user’s details Block the person from accessing the blog Report the incident to a member of staff if it happens again Respond directly to the person and challenge … Read more

Mr. Perry has bookmarked a large number of webpages in Chrome while researching class topics. Unfortunately, he’s bookmarked so many that’s he’s struggling to find relevant content Quickly. What can he do within the Bookmark manager of Chrome to simplify and organize his list of bookmarks?

Delete bookmarks that are not urgently required and search for them again when they are needed Use the search function in the Chrome Bookmark Manager Rename and organize bookmarks into themed folders so they are labeled clearly Create a Doc that lists all favorite websites with links Other Google Certified Educator Level 1 Question Answers

Students already familiar with a web-conneced world will feel immediately at home with Google Classroom. What benefits will they enjoy from their assignments going online?

Students can discuss assignments in a collaborative environment Students can choose to have assignment results sent directly to their phone as a text message Students can view each other’s assignments if they need ideas If students are sick from school they can cancel pending assignments from home using the Cancel button Assignments and resources are … Read more

Mr. Yamouth needs to contact a student’s parents to congratulate the student on improved progress. However, their first language is German and they are not fully fluent in English. What is the quickest action he could do to produce an effective email on his own?

Post the message text on Google+ to see if someone can help translate it to German Use Gmail to send a message around the school to search for a student who can help translate the email to German Use Google Search to find someone local offering German translation services to help with the email Search … Read more