Tara Knows Google My Business Is A Great Way To Share Information And Engage Her Customers Online. But, She’s Worried Because She Has Multiple Locations, And Management Of The Locations May Be Too Difficult. How Does Google My Business Simplify The Management Of Multiple Locations For Tara?

(A) Tara can manage multiple Google My Business listings under one account. (B) The Google Analytics platform will send Tara alerts for each business location. (C) Tara can access each Google My Business account on a different device. (D) Tara can create a separate Google My Business account for each location.

Sylvia wants to create a My Google Business account for her 3 retail locations. How can Sylvia verify each location in Google My Business?

(A) Upload a series of screenshots of her social media presence for each location through her account portal. (B) Email a copy of a local business license for each location using her registered email account. (C) Fill out and upload the required bulk verification spreadsheet through her account portal. (D) Request a mailing of a postcard … Read more

An advertiser is using a global sitewide tag. Where does the advertiser add a phone snippet on a website to use Google forwarding numbers in a Google Ads campaign? (Type 2)

(A) Between the head section, and requires no global site tag installation. (B) Between the body tags of a web page, right after the global site tag. (C) Between the footer tags of a web page, below the global site tag (D) Between the head tags of a web page, right after the global site tag.

Jared handles marketing for a chain of restaurants that feature high-end bars. He added a bar and its restaurant as separate locations in his bulk upload, even though they share an address. Both were disapproved. What caused the disapproval? (Type 2)

(A) Each listing must be created using a separate email address. (B) Editorial approval must be received to use the same address twice. (C) Jared should’ve submitted the bar and restaurant under a single title. (D) Jared can only upload a maximum of 10 listings using a bulk upload.