Mr Jackson is an enthusiastic geography teacher, and wants to inspire other geography teachers to make use of Google tools to help their students understand the world they live in and meet other students overseas. What activity could he do to promote cross-continent discussions with other geography classes?

Send a questionnaire using Forms to teachers around the world to distribute to their students asking about their life where they live Offer Mystery Location Calls using Hangouts with his class and other classes across the world for students to guess where they are based Get his students to create a group class presentation using … Read more

Match the most suitable personalized learning activity with the most appropriate Google tool for the job by moving rows up and down.

Personalized learning activity Google tool Creating a project-based learning activity and storing all resources, research, and results in one place for relevant parties. Google Sites Assigning students a set of tasks based on various online resources that they can work through. Google Docs Distributing a video to students to watch and answer questions on in … Read more

Mrs Wallace is a department head in a high school, and is looking at the performance grades for all students in one semester. What features can she use in Google Sheets to help analyze the data efficiently without having to search through it manually?

Protect the sheets to keep an original copy of the data in case of errors or accidental deletion of data. Use the “Scan All” function to locate specific values and student names. Use filters to display required data and hide unwanted data. Use charts to visually represent student progress.

Miss Jackson wants to create a classroom full of independent learners. Why should she first teach her class how to search, browse and explore effectively online?

So students will understand how to get assistance beyond their teacher Because it’s too easy for students to get distracted by online games So students can find answers to their questions quickly So students never have to carry paper books again Because YouTube is full of disruptive content Other Google Certified Educator Level 2 Question-Answers

Ms. May can use Gmail and Calendar proficiently, but wants to increase her productivity as she has very little time for catching up on emails and scheduling one-to-one sessions with her students. By moving the rows up and down, match the productivity gains she can receive using the following Advanced features for Gmail.

Productivity gains G Suite tool feature View the number of unread messages are in your inbox with a quick glance Unread message icon Quickly accessing additional functionality without using a mouse Custom Keyboard shortcuts Responding to multiple emails quickly with the same reply Templates View the next conversation instead of your inbox after you delete, … Read more

Match each scenario of sharing resources with other educators with the most effective tool for the job by moving the rows up and down.

Scenario Google tool Mr. Portman has found videos that his students find particularly engaging, and wants to share them with the rest of the teachers in the school. YouTube Ms. Lee is quick to understand and apply new online tools in her classroom and wants to provide screencast tutorials and have discussions with teachers who … Read more

Ms Coulson is teaching her students about nutrition and eating habits in other countries. What can she do to give her students first-hand information on this subject without spending any money?

Invite an overseas student or teacher to come into class to speak when they are available Arrange a Hangout with a class in a different country for a question and answer discussion session Take he students on an international road trip to try out different foods Host a Hangout on Air with willing schools around … Read more

Forms can be adaptable based on the answers provided by the recipients. For example, if they get a question wrong, they can be directed to review the content again, and retake the question. Describe the process of making a “Create-Your-Own-Adventure” quiz using forms. Move the rows up and down to put the steps in the correct order.

Create a form Add a “multiple choice” or “choose from list” question Check the “go to page based on answer” checkbox Select the page you want users to redirect to based on each answer, or to submit the form Repeat these steps until the form is complete Other Google Certified Educator Level 2 Question-Answers

Students in a programming class have asked if you can help them arrange a hackathon to support their autonomous robot development project. Move the rows up and down to show the best way each Google tool could be used to help facilitate the planning and execution of a hackathon.

Hackathon Tasks Google tool Creating a print-friendly schedule Docs Creating a project timeline to ensure everyone knows what deadlines and responsibilities they have Sheets Gathering feedback from other programming students on their preferred development tools Forms Presenting the final solution to an audience Slides Creating a flow diagram for the development process Drawings

You strongly believe that students need a voice so they can influence their environment and make a real difference. You have decided to support the creation of a school newspaper. Move the rows up and down to match each Google tool with the way it can be used to reimagine the traditional school newspaper online.

Google Tool Use Case Sites Web hosting and publishing the newspaper Google Photos Storing photos and images Docs Drafting and editing articles YouTube Video hosting and editing Calendar Assigning draft due dates and final deadlines Other Google Certified Educator Level 2 Question-Answers